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"I just loved it. I love the energy among the group, the wonderful teachers. I noticed the progression of confidence that we all had day by day, thanks to the positive feedback. I am fascinated with all of the things I learned. I feel full of joy and gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
~ Luz Browning, Mexico

"The intensive program was both a spiritual and character building experience - from the beginning to the end, like an asana sequence. It is a wonderfully planned unfolding of the self."
~ Mayu, El Paso, TX

I wanted to share with you guys that I have had an amazing change since the Intensive.  I have been carrying around a lot of anger, kind of an internal fury/rage for about 9 years.  I have done my best to hide, mask, 'sweeten' my past and just lock it down...but it always crawls out every few months or so.  It is horrible to try so hard to be the best person you know how to be and then see the worst person come out.  I fought it every day as a Mom and Wife especially.  I don't know what happened in the training.  I don't remember one specific moment of change but after 9 long years my fire is just ...gone.  My husband noticed a difference right away and made a comment about a week later and again this morning about my calm and how different I seem.  My Mom said 'it's great you found a tool/way to deal with your 'fire' and I said 'no Mom I didn't.... it's just not there.'  Now this isn't to say I don't feel my normal feelings.  Not to say I don't or won't get upset, hurt, pissed at times.  But the temper I'm talking about isn't normal display of emotion…  I know that I am not fighting this devil daily.  I am just different and I didn't think it was possible!  I have been working on this problem for YEARS!!! 9 YEARS!!!  
So whatever happened, whatever was said...I am eternally thankful for my new perspective, my new understanding, my new heart. My husband gave me a hug and said 'I am so happy for you.' and I said 'no, I am happy for you and the children.'  But I am happy for all of us.  It's huge.   

~ LYP Student, West TX

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Yoga has already been a nurturing process for me. This program embraces this belief. I took time out of my busy class schedule to come and learn some invaluable life lessons. I learned a lot about yoga and myself, and I truly cherish that."
~ K. Moore

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Applying to LYP for Teacher Training

To get started in the Living Yoga Program, you simply need to download, complete, and submit two forms, both of which you will find in the boxes below:

Keep reading below for information about applying and registering to the program.
Send your completed forms to us, along with your $150 non-refundable application fee. Please note that the application fee is a separate, stand-alone fee and does not apply toward tuition or accommodations.

Once you are ready to enroll, please download and complete these two forms:

LYP - Application Form

LYP - Registration Form

Anyone who has the free Adobe Reader should be able to enter data directly to these PDF forms. If you are unable to enter data, you might need to download newer version of the Adobe PDF Reader. If you still have difficulty please contact us.

Fees can be made in one payment or paid out over several months with no finance charge. All accommodation and tuition fees must be paid in full 31 days before you attend the training module. If you are having difficulties, please call us as soon as you can to discuss your situation. Your $150 application fee to LYP will hold your place in the first module you take. If applying for modules separately, a separate $150 deposit will be needed to hold your place in each. We accept checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover (please note that we do not accept American Express).

Submitting your forms by Email or fax will help you get enrolled into the program more promptly, but you can email, fax, or snail mail your forms to:

By E-mail: Ellen B. Smith, lypaustin@gmail.com

By Fax: 815.346.5837

By Mail: to the address found on registration form.

circle of feetOnce we receive your Application and Registration, we will review them and contact you by Email to let you know when you have been accepted. We will then send you the link to a proprietary website that contains:

Also, we will pair you with one of the program instructors who will be your advisor throughout the program. Your advisor is available to answer any questions you have, make recommendations for yoga classes and explain how the program works. You can start working with your advisor immediately.

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